English in India

I feel English in India is often a literal translations of phrases used in our mother tongues - whether it's urdu, hindi, or any regional language.

For instance, in urdu one might say, "ek kaam karo", which might be in the sense of, "you know what..". The phrase to me indicates the thought process. Here I've heard a literal translation of it. People often begin their sentences with "Do one thing.."

And there are phrases that don't mean what they are supposed to mean.

One might tell you, "Give me a missed call, and I'll store your number." How do you give someone a "missed call"? Here it means a blank call. You thought "missed call" is a call that someone accidentally missed? Wrong. Here we miss calls with an intention.

Caution: This might turn into a series, as I discover more of such instances.

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