A Confused pig

You’ve read all of the three little pigs
Who used to live in a house of twigs

The little wolf came often to see them
Some thought it was nothing but a gem

So they sat around talking all day
Pausing at times only to pray*

Was the little pig wrong in judging the wolf so soon
Would the wolf turn out to be a hidden moon

What was it about the wolf that time would only tell
The little pig wondered if it was worth a DELL
Was it as precious and rare as a shell
Or was it time that was casting a spell

The little pig knew exactly what to do
he wasn't going to sit around cooking his stew

He knew in Allah, he should trust
Who was Kind and always Just!!!

*All creation glorify Allah!


BanikaB said...

Is this an original poem? Very creative - though it would be strange to see a pig with a Dell!

faraz ahmed said...

Forget the pig, I'm confused!

Faraz said...

Hmm, seems like a sequel of sorts to my earlier poem about Three Little Pigs. Except, I think my pigs are even more confused!

Hafsa said...

anika, yes, original.

Faraz A & Faraz A:
It's for me to know, and you to find out.
We'll leave it @ that :D

Hafsa said...

FIA you say, your pigs are more confused? Aren't there just *three* pigs to begin with - not six :)