This is it.

Almost 2 years of blogging, this is where it ends...
As one door closes, another opens, Alhamdulillah. I'm very close to entering a new phase of my life - as I'm getting married in less than a month, insha Allah. There'll be some major changes - new compromises, new family, new happiness - subhan Allah, all a part of a package.

A whole new world it is. And I need all the duas I can get from my readers . I'm quite overwhelmed by the number of brothers and sisters that read my blog - and more so, how frequently they drop by.
(And I ask Humairah the same question - why. Why would anyone waste their time on my blog. Most times she's speechless*)

Regardless, Jazak Allah for the comments and feedback - they never failed to make me smile. I've already received a couple "it was nice to know you" notes. One in particular was really sweet. A heartfelt thank you. No matter where life takes us, you all will remain in my duas.

To close up a couple of open ended posts:
- how matter how difficult a fish can be, we somehow always end up falling in love! Subhan Allah, they are a mystery in their own.
- To all the lil' pigs: don't worry, insha Allah, the wolves aren't evil. They never mean to hurt you. You might not end up being friends - but no ill feelings, insha Allah
- I did take a whole lot of courses from work
- for those who are waiting for an update on AL, there'll be one soon. We might even have a guest writer.
- I still don't know the UPS guy's name.
- I had promised FA of Edmonton for some sample hyderbadi + banagolre + hinglish. This link will suffice for Hyderabadi.
- I believe that's all the pending tasks I had.

Oh wait, I forgot the most important..
Please forgive me for anything I said or did that offended you in any way.

*But we've come to the unanimous conclusion that when they are bored, and can't find anything to do, they give in and visit my blog